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About GotPorn

Gotporn. An excellent porn site with over 60 million visits per month from the United States, Germany, France, Italy and hundreds of countries. According to porn lovers, what makes GotPorn different from other porn sites is that they host over 2 million porn videos of great quality. This number includes hundreds of thousands of 4k resolution porn. For example, there are almost 34000 videos in the amateur category alone. On GotPorn, you can be sure to find the porn videos you are looking for in close to 100 categories including teen, lesbian, mature, big tits, gangbang, hentai, hidden cam, school girl and hentai. Are you looking for a blonde wet pussy babe getting fucked in the ass? Or mothers with big ass who want their stepson to fuck them? Then GotPorn is for you.

 Why Should you visit GotPorn?

There are 34700 porn videos in the “Babe” category as of today, 8000 in the “Girlfriend” category, 12800 in the “Cumshot” category, and 12000 in the “Asian” category, which is only one percent of the site. At the end of the article, I will be giving you a few favorite video titles. But now I want to mention a few features of that I like and make it easy to use.

When we first enter the site, a very simple and useful page welcomes us, which is great. I have said before that I don’t like popups when I visit any porn site. The first porn videos we see are highly rated by the majority and recommended on a daily basis. There is a fairly large audience that likes to watch anal fucking videos that I understand and young boys fucking their stepmother. Of course, we should not forget the porn of men who lick their sister’s sweet pussy and wake them from sleep, which are highly appreciated in the amateur porn category. From the menu right above you can easily access categories, channels, photos and even great bitches fingering her wet pussy in front of the webcam. All these videos in the webcam category reach you live. There is a barely noticeable button at the top left of the screen and by clicking it, you can choose between “Straight”, “Gay” and “Shemale” and watch videos that suit your tastes. After clicking the categories button from the menu, you will reach the screen where you can choose among the 100 categories I mentioned before. Here, next to each category’s name, it says how many porn videos are in parentheses. Choose one and continue. I accidentally clicked on the “Ass licking” category and it’s “WOW”. I couldn’t stand it and you can imagine what I was doing. The “Give me a random category” button at the top right of the page has a great function. If you can’t decide what to watch, just click that button and let GotPorn do the rest. You will watch great videos that you will definitely not regret. Luckily for me, “Blowjob” came out. Wow, how nice there are girls licking cocks.


Alright. Here are a few porn titles you can use in the search box on GotPorn:

  •         Deep throat blowjob by the pool
  •         Dark haired spanish fucks in back room
  •         Romantic and artsy cfnm blowjob
  •         Old and young couples compilation (definitely try this)
  •         Fervent schoolgirl was tempted and drilled by senior teacher


I think so much information is enough for you to visit GotPorn. You’ve already gone, but one last reminder for those who haven’t: Don’t forget to use the “Give me a random category” button!

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